A Global Partnership Framework for Creating Economic Safety Nets &
Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals To Strengthen Resilience in Cities.

Our Vision

The Qoin Foundation helps cities overcome systemic social, environmental and economic challenges by incentivizing impact with smart city currencies and citizen-led investment funds.

Helping Cities Become Vibrant, Resilient and Sustainable

Co-Ownership Models

Co-Ownership in a local partnership so that all the players are well incentivized to maintain the system long term

Multiple Incentives Platform

Simple, modern user interface and experience locally branded and designed to make participation easy, fun, and rewarding for users

Shared Best Practices

Operational, legal, business, financial, governance, technical, and other best practices for effective implementation

The Qoin Foundation Team

Edgar Kampers

Representing Qoin in Europe and EMEA, Edgar Kampers has worked as Community Currency expert since 1993 and is social entrepreneur since 1999. His main focus is in the area of currency modeling, client development, and policy strategy. Edgar previously held positions as Director of SamenDoen, NU-spaarpas, researcher at Social Trade organization (STRO), and manager of the Climate and Economy team at SNM (Stichting Natuur en Milieu).

Scott Morris

Representing Qoin in North America, Scott Morris is a city currency innovator, trainer and token model designer with experience both in North America and Europe. After his family lost their home and business to the financial crisis in 2008, Morris devoted himself to protecting communities from future crises as a social entrepreneur focused on innovations in monetary systems and payments technologies. 

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Representing Qoin in Asia, Stephen DeMeulenaere is a digital currency pioneer, educator, advisor and implementer, with a 25+ years experience in pre-blockchain digital currencies and parallel monetary systems, and 8 years experience with cryptographically-secured digital currencies. He has designed, implemented and managed complementary currency systems in Asia, Africa and North America.

Sérgio Lopo

Representing the Qoin Foundation in Iberia (Portugal and Spain), Sérgio Lopo worked in a multinational financial and insurance French group where he was responsible for many business areas, for developing new companies and implementing change management of the core company of the group. With experience working across Europe and Brazil he then it was time to experience entrepreneurship. His main drive now is to work in projects with urban social impact.

Clients & Partners

Our monetary system must evolve from being a monopoly of conventional money towards becoming an ‘ecosystem’ of multiple currencies.

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